Frederik the Great: Hailed the Most Beautiful Horse in the World

The rare Friesan horse in Arkansas has its own Facebook fan page.

— -- Looking like a page straight out of Italian heartthrob Fabio's book, Frederick the Great has unofficially been crowned the most beautiful horse in the world.

A rare Friesian horse, living in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, is captivating the internet with his fantastic mane and muscular build.

The Prussian-named horse has more than 40,000 followers on his Facebook fan page and a nickname of "Storybook Stallion."

"People fly in from all over that want to just be with him," owner Stacy Nazario said. "Once you see him in person, once you meet him, it takes on a whole new relationship with Fredrick."

She added: "He enjoys his followers, and when he posts that on his Facebook, he does mean it."

"It usually takes about three hours," Nazario said. "To wash his mane, to condition his mane, to dry his mane," she added.

But the stallion’s mane-tenance is definitely worth it.