Video Shows Freight Train Colliding With Tractor-Trailer Stuck on Tracks in Georgia

The moving truck got stuck on the tracks just before the train approached.

— -- The driver of a tractor-trailer narrowly escaped death last night when his vehicle became stuck on train tracks in a Georgia town and, seconds later, was obliterated by a speeding freight train.

Video of the crash looks more like a scene from an action film than something from real life: The freight train blasts completely through the side of the tractor trailer, sending its contents shooting outward in an explosion of debris.

Eli Mercado, the driver, was moving a family's belongings from Norcross, Georgia to Florida when his truck got stuck on the tracks, according to ABC affiliate WSB-TV.

While he was trying to figure out how to move the truck, the train horn sounded. Mercado's wife, who was traveling with him, then exited the truck, according to WSB. Norcross police arrived and told Mercado to get out, as well, before the train arrived.

"I'm a little shaken up," Mercado told WSB. "I'm blessed that I’m still here."

The family's belongings were strewn across the area by the impact. But, both Mercado and his wife were unharmed.

The Norcross Police Department issued a statement on Facebook indicating that delays caused by the accident had been cleared.