Friend of missing Florida mom speaks out

The suspect allegedly tried to cover up his ex-wife's murder under quarantine.

It's been almost two months since police in Jupiter, Florida, ruled Gretchen Anthony's disappearance a homicide.

Her body still hasn't been found. Anthony, 51, was reported missing March 25 after police say friends and relatives received text messages from her cellphone about going into quarantine because she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Family members were concerned that her estranged husband, David Anthony, may have had something to do with her disappearance, according to the police report.

During the police investigation, police said they learned from a neighbor that on March 21 "blood curdling screams" along with shouts of "No! No, it hurts!" were coming from Gretchen Anthony's patio or garage.

Police executed a search warrant of the Sunshine Drive home that the estranged couple no longer shared and say they found towels in the washing machine soiled with reddish stains, what appeared to be small droplets of blood on the wall in the master bedroom and large bleach stains on the floor of the garage.

Investigators determined Gretchen Anthony was killed and David Anthony was the prime suspect, according to the police report.

Gretchen Anthony is described by friend and colleague, Jennifer Rogers, as "extremely positive and a motivating person" who was "really close" with her 12-year-old daughter.

Gretchen Anthony was last seen by colleagues on March 20 at the utility company she worked for and she was in "good spirits," according to police reports.

"She was at work on that day, you know, like a normal, normal working day. And then Monday, the 23rd, she didn't come to work, which was very unlike her," Rogers told "GMA." "She didn't call or text or anything. She just didn't come to work."

Rogers said that on March 24, she and her coworkers received what they described as an unusually worded email from Gretchen Anthony's work email address.

The message, allegedly written by Gretchen Anthony, according to police, said she'd developed "a low-grade fever over the weekend" and "awoke to shortness of breath this morning" and was going to the hospital to get tested for COVID-19, Rogers recalled.

"The language in the email was, it was alarming," Rogers remembered. "Didn't sound like her, you know, it was very strange.

At least four people including Gretchen Anthony's boss received text messages variously saying she was getting transported from the hospital into the custody of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for further observation, according to the Jupiter Police Department report.

"Things just did not seeming right," said Rogers.

Rogers said their boss alerted Gretchen Anthony's mother and then the police to conduct a wellness check.

"And then that's when they discovered that she was missing as well as David was missing," Rogers said.

Police said cellphones belonging to David and Gretchen Anthony pinged off a tower on March 27 in Texas.

David Anthony, 43, left the state was arrested on March 31 in New Mexico, police said. He was charged with murder and kidnapping and extradited to Jupiter on May 14.

David Anthony's defense attorney did not respond to a request for comment from ABC News as of Saturday.

Gretchen Anthony's daughter is with her biological father, Rogers said.

She filed for divorce in February, according to online records.

Rogers and other friends of Gretchen Anthony are urging anyone with information about her disappearance to come forward.

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