Gadhafi's Forces Attack Ras Lanouf

Rebels forced out after being bombarded with airstrikes, ground fire.

March 10, 2011— -- On the front lines in Ras Lanouf, the only warning system is a whistle.

There is nowhere to hide as jets bombard the oil-rich port city with airstrikes. Two bombs fell within five minutes of ABC News' arrival in Ras Lanouf. The second airstrike was just about 1,000 feet away from the crew's location, as planes continued to fly above their heads.

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Rebels who couldn't see the jets, but could hear them, fired blindly into the air, hoping to hit one of the attackers. The planes were flying so high they barely were visible.

The firing and bombing from Col. Moammar Gadhafi's forces continued from the air and sea throughout the day. The rebels, hoping to oust Gadhafi, were forced to run.

Doctors Forced to Leave City After Hospital Comes Under Fire

Even the ambulances and doctors in Ras Lanouf who waited until the last minute to leave eventually decided they had to go. Doctors said that the hospital was attacked three times by Gadhafi's forces.

Cell phone footage of the hospital in the midst of the fighting showed chaos.

The doctors that were staffing the hospital were all volunteers, and have treated people on all three sides of the conflict -- civilians, opposition fighters even Gadhafi's forces.

Even though the doctors escaped the city, there was no escaping the violence today. When the hospital was bombed, the wounded were brought them in a makeshift emergency ward, a mash unit on the side of the road.

After a quick triage, an ambulance took away the survivors, and pick-up trucks took away the dead.

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