Gang of Four Assault Young Man, Tattoo 'Rapest' on Forehead

Oklahoma City 18-year-old victimized and left for dead

May 5, 2011— -- For 18-year-old Stetson Johnson of Oklahoma City, the weekend started innocently enough.

In a phone interview with, he recalled messages on MySpace, an introduction through a mutual friend, and biking over to neighboring Midwest City to help out 25-year-old Kimberly Vergara with gas money.

It ended on Sunday, April 17, around midnight, when Johnson's was left for dead near Eagle Lake in Del City, the word "rapest" tattooed across his forehead and "I like little boys" on his chest. His genitalia had been Tasered with 400,000 volts, according to Del City police spokesman Capt. Jody Suit, and he was assaulted with a baseball bat.

Four suspects, ranging in age from 21 to 33, are being held without bail. Each has a criminal history, said police. Arraignment is expected to take place on Friday or Monday, according to Capt. Suit, who added that there may be one or two more suspects.

The four in custody, who have not yet been charged, are Kimberly Sue Vergara, 25, of Midwest City; Lorena Amanda Hodges, 33, of Oklahoma City; Zachary Provence, 21, also of Midwest City; and Richard Lynn Dellert, 33, of Irving, Texas. According to police, all are unemployed; according to state court records, individual criminal records include burglary, possession of stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia and methamphetamines.

As far as the "rapest" is concerned, Hodges claimed Johnson had tried to have sex with her; Vergara, who goes by the name of "Lucky," then made the same claim. But "no police report was ever made that he attempted to force sex on them," said Capt. Suit, adding that there's no evidence of any illegal activity by the victim, involving either drugs or rape.

Johnson, whom a neighbor described to as "decent" and "caring" and whose mother says has the mental capacity of a fifth- or sixth-grader, spent several days in the intensive care unit of St. Anthony's Hospital in Oklahoma City. He's now home, the "rapest" on his forehead covered with a bar code image he found on the Internet, liked, and asked his brother to tattoo over "rapest."

It all started that Thursday in Midwest City, he told, after he had biked over to see Vergara, whom he'd met through a friend and communicated with on MySpace, to help her out with gas money.

"He called me the first day, and said, 'I'm over here, in Del City, I'm fine,'" Johnson's mother, Lucy Ford, 45, told Ford, who has six children ranging in age from 18 to 30 and several grandchildren, said she also talked with Vergara, who she says said of Stetson, "He's great, he's real cool."

"He was with this group of people for several days," affirmed Capt. Suit. "Drugs are probably involved, but we didn't collect any," he said, though he added the assault and group mentality were consistent with drug use.

According to police, Vergara went to Texas on Saturday to see Dellert, a tattoo artist who goes by the name Buddha, leaving Johnson at the house with Hodges. While there, Vergara received a call from Hodges, who claimed Johnson tried to assault her. Vergara said the same thing had happened to her, and by the time she returned to Midwest City with Dellert, their plans had solidified.

Oklahoma Man Left for Dead, 'Rapest' Tattooed on His Forehead

On Sunday night, Vergara returned. "I walked out the door and she was going to take me home," recalled Johnson. Instead, they "choked me around the neck, Tased my genitalia, took me back into the house, put tattoos on my forehead, and that's when they taped my hands and took me to the lake. I don't remember what was going on after that."

The incident took place from about 9 p.m. to midnight, estimates Suit. Johnson says when he became conscious, "I walked and stumbled and I crawled and tried to make my way and get help. I tried to wave people down and they wouldn't stop, like I was stupid or something.

"I got to a trailer park nearly a mile away and I knocked on a door. I remember sitting on a porch step and a man saying, Are you OK?"

Johnson was in the ICU when his mother saw him on Monday, and it wasn't until the third day that he was able to speak to her. Now, she says, "He jerks when he sleeps; everywhere we go, he's got to be in front of me."

While he is articulate when he's been interviewed on local news recently, her son, said Ford, is "kind of mentally disabled. He can't count money, can't have a bank account." She added that he had been in trouble when he was younger, "breaking and entering [at about age 10], fighting at school." She said he's on medication for ADHD.

A neighbor across the street, who asked that her name not be used, told of an incident recently when a tree hit a power line, and Johnson made a point of telling the adults on the street to keep the children and pets away from it, which is what a fireman had said after seeing the downed power line.

Addressing the "rapest" and "I like little boys" tattoos, Johnson's mother said, "My daughter has five children and he has watched every one of them and not one of them could tell you anything he has ever done with them.

"He's 18 years old," she said, "but he's my baby.

"I try to keep him safe, but I feel like I didn't."