Missing Georgia College Student Found Safe After She Was Reported Missing, Police Say

The student had been unreachable for days.

— -- A 21-year-old Georgia college student has been found safe, police said today, after her mother told police she hadn't heard from her since Friday and reported her missing. Police say this was not a suspicious disappearance and that Georgia State University student Monique Priester left on her own.

VanLoo-Al Kush told police she last spoke to her daughter on the phone later Friday -- at about 6:30 p.m. -- and that Priester told her she was taking an Uber with a few other people to the Georgia State University campus in Atlanta. According to police, Priester’s phone was then turned off and remained off ever since.

But Priester has now been found safe, Cpl. Michele Pihera of the Gwinnett County Police Department said this afternoon.

Police say Priester left on her own. Pihera added, "For confidentiality reasons, her location will not be disclosed."

Police said earlier today there was "no evidence to suggest that Monique’s disappearance was against her will." Police also said earlier that they received information to believe Priester’s ATM card was used at a grocery store ATM in Nashville, Tennessee.

VanLoo-Al Kush told ABC affiliate WSB-TV in Atlanta earlier that she was "panicked." "I’m hoping that she’s safe," she said.

Gwinnett County Police said earlier that "the reporting officer placed Monique on the national database as a missing person," and that representatives with Uber had reached out to help.

An Uber spokesperson told ABC News this morning: "We are working directly with local law enforcement to provide any assistance or information that could help them locate Ms. Priester and get her safely home."

ABC News' Janice McDonald and Alison Ehrlich contributed to this report.