Georgia man catches record-breaking 14-foot alligator

Derrick Snelson joked he would have to build his house around it.

A Georgia fisherman broke a state record with his 14-foot alligator catch.

Derrick Snelson was fishing on Lake Eufaula in Quitman Count, Georgia, this month when the alligator latched on to his pole. He didn't realize, however, how massive the reptile was until he and five other fishermen managed to wrangle it on the boat.

“It was just unbelievable. I really can't describe it. You need to see it,” Snelson told ABC Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV.

“We'll have it 'life-size' mounted. I guess I'll have to build a house around it. It's going to be a monster laying on the living room floor for a while,” he said.

The previous record for largest alligator caught was a 13-foot reptile in 2013, according to Georgia Outdoor News.

The hunting season for alligators in Georgia runs from August to October this year, according to the state’s department of natural resources.

Anyone with a valid hunting license can participate but there is a one-bag limit.