Giant lava flow devours street, parked car after Kilauea volcano's eruption on Hawaii's Big Island

A scorching time-lapse video captured a massive lava slide obliterate a car.

May 8, 2018, 12:44 AM

A scorching time-lapse video managed to capture a massive lava slide obliterate a swath of paved street on Hawaii's Big Island and turns to dust a white car that was parked in its path.

The footage of white-hot molten rock, shot on Sunday by Brandon Clement, gives a glimpse into nature's devastation in Hawaii's Leilani Estates area after the Kilauea volcano first erupted last Thursday.

The Kilauea volcano, which stands 4,200 feet tall, has remained active for thousands of years.

But its recent eruption has forced 1,800 residents living near the Kilauea volcano to evacuate. There have been dozens of structures destroyed, but no injuries reported.

The major cause of the widespread damage wrought by the volcano has been the number of fissures, where land is cracking in multiple places to let the bubbling lava underneath loose.