Good Samaritan Gives Shirt Off His Back to Homeless Man on NYC Train

He even helped the shivering man put the shirt on.

— -- Thousands of homeless people walk the streets of New York City, but that doesn't stop one Good Samaritan from doing what he can for the needy, even if it means literally giving the shirt off his back.

Joey Resto, 23, was taking the downtown "A" train to his home in Brooklyn after work this past Friday when he noticed a homeless man without a shirt shivering from the cold. At the time, temperatures in the city were hovering around 45 degrees, he told ABC News.

"He looked cold, he had just gotten beat up," Resto told ABC News today.

Next, the native New Yorker said he did what he "thought was right." Not only did he take the shirt off his back and offer it to the man, he helped him put it on, looping the man's raised hands through the shirt's armholes.

"He looked so weak and frail," Resto told ABC-owned station WABC in New York. "I had to help him, or he would not put it on."

Resto then placed his hat on the man's bruised head and invited him to his family's home to have a warm meal, hot coffee and to offer him more clothes. Although the man accepted Resto's offer, he fell asleep before the train reached his stop.