Good Samaritans Jump to Help Man Whose Truck Crashes Off Bridge

Concerned drivers created a human chain to rescue the man.

Good Samaritans jumped into action this weekend after a man accidentally crashed his pickup truck through the guardrail on Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.

Al Pike was on his way to work Saturday when he saw the crash. He stripped off his pants and shirt and jumped into the water.

“As I was jumping over the edge of the railing, I noticed that the occupant had surfaced, so I just jumped in and swam over to him,” Pike said.

“He was saying, ‘Help me, help me, help me.’ I said, ‘You’re alive, that’s the only thing that matters. Everything’s fine. You’re going to be OK.’”

Other concerned drivers called police, then dropped a rope into the water, creating a human chain to hoist the men up.

“I took the rope and tied it around his torso,” Pike said. “I was hoping that my knot held.”

The knot did hold, and the man, who was not identified, was pulled to safety. He was taken to the hospital for pain. His condition is unknown, but his road to recovery is no doubt smoother thanks to his humble rescuers.

“I’m pretty sure that anybody would’ve done the same thing,” Pike said.