Good Samaritans Help Rescue Driver in Highway Crash

The driver careened off a Florida highway and ran into a light post.

— -- A motorcyclist on a Florida highway captured the harrowing moment when a driver, who possibly suffered a medical episode, slammed into a light post and eventually careened out of control off the side of the road.

In the video, the unnamed male is seen driving a sedan that crisscrosses between multiple lanes of traffic. Despite crashing through the light post and having a blown-out tire, it continues to pick up speed to the shock of the motorcyclist recording the incident.

"It was almost like a pinball machine,” the motorcyclist, Mo Turknett, told ABC News. “He was literally back and forth, you know, four lanes of traffic banging off of each wall."

When the car eventually veered off the highway and came to a stop, Turknett and other eyewitnesses pulled over to check on the man and pull him out of the vehicle.

Upon opening the driver's door, Turknett said, "You're done, stop. Get off the gas."

He then asked the driver whether he was all right and whether he knew where he was going.

The group of good Samaritans pulled the man from the car and attempted to help until paramedics arrived.

The man was transported to a hospital, but refused treatment and walked out, according to Florida Highway Patrol.

The driver was issued a ticket for reckless driving, according to authorities.

The driver told ABC News in a statement, "I want to thank everybody who helped me and may God bless every hand that touched me."