Three Gunmen Storm Houston Grocery Store in Hail of Bullets

Surveillance showed armed individuals trying to break into check-cashing booth.

— -- Surveillance video from a Houston convenience store captured the terrifying moment employees and patrons were forced to run and hide last week as three gunmen stormed the store, pumping bullets into the ceiling.

On Friday around 7 p.m., the video from the Todo Market shows, masked individuals with weapons entered the store and leaped over the counter.

"They came in like crazy," cashier Noor Kadiwala told ABC affiliate KRTK-TV in Houston. "They're shooting everywhere, bullets flying all over."

"At that point of time, nobody thinks anything," he continued. "I was just down on the floor, crawling back and forth."

The video shows one cashier running into the check-cashing booth behind the counter and then opening it quickly to let another worker inside. They then shut the door and lock it, mere seconds before one of the gunmen starts kicking the door and riddling it with bullets.

"As soon as we heard the gunshots, our co-workers jumped into the booth," said store manager Binod Khanal.

The workers — as well as the store's money — were protected by the bulletproof glass. Kadiwala, one of the workers in the booth, said he hoped to simply dodge the bullets.

"People who are outside assumed that we were dead because they heard so many shots fired," Kadiwala said.

At the back of the convenience store, in a small dining area, a customer can be seen on video handing his wallet to a third gunman. The gunman eventually leaves the man and joins the other attackers. The third gunman can be seen also trying to get into the booth.

"Somebody trying to get easy money instead of working hard," Khanal said. "That's what we do here."

Video from cameras outside the store shows the three gunmen eventually leaving in the green Mitsubishi in which they arrived, employees said. No injuries were reported. Houston police are reportedly asking the public for help.

"If I was meant to die today, I would've been dead," Kadiwala told KRTK. "It's all God's grace. Saved all of us."