How Hannah Overton Is Spending Her First Week Since Prison Release

How Hannah Overton is spending her first week since her prison release.

ByJuju Chang, Shana Druckerman, Jon Meyersohn and Lauren Effron
December 24, 2014, 5:59 AM

— -- For the first time in seven years, Hannah Overton has had the chance to hug her children, kiss her husband and go out on family outings.

The Texas mother of five spent seven years in prison for the murder of a young foster child she and her husband, Larry Overton, had been in the process of adopting. Hannah Overton, who has always maintained her innocence in the 4-year-old boy’s death, was released on bond last week, months after the highest appellate court in Texas overturned her murder conviction and life sentence.

Overton’s son Isaac Overton, 15, shared a few photos of the family together again during her first week at home in Corpus Christi, Texas, on Facebook. ABC News has been following the Overton case since the beginning.

A family member, Keith Hissong, granted ABC News permission to publish the photos, but the family could not comment on the case. The judge in Hannah Overton's case issued a gag order on the same day that bond was set, which prohibits anyone involved in the case from speaking with media.

Overton, 37, was convicted in 2007 after being accused of force-feeding young Andrew Burd enough salt to kill him, even though she had no previous problems with the law and was raising four children and was pregnant with a fifth.

Mark Skurka, the Nueces County district attorney, has already announced his intention to try Overton again on capital murder charges. That trial currently has no date set.

Hannah Overton was able to be present not only for Christmas at home for the first time in seven years, but also for her brother Nate's proposal to his girlfriend.

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