Heartening Video Shows South Carolina Cop Playing Football With Kids

"That's how you gain the community's trust," Officer C.J. Mullinax said.

— -- A Facebook video of a Bennettsville, South Carolina, police officer is going viral -- but maybe not for the reason many would expect.

In the video, which had more than 4 million views as of Thursday afternoon, police officer C.J. Mullinax can be seen playing football with kids on a field in a Bennettsville Housing Authority development area.

Mullinax told ABC News today this is the kind of community interaction the chief preaches to the department every day, and he hopes the video will show the public not all cops are bad, while encouraging other police departments in strained relationships with their communities to follow suit.

"I believe you can do so much more chasing a kid while holding a basketball or football than chasing a kid while holding a baton or gun," Bennettsville Police Department Police Chief Larry McNeil told ABC News today. "I always tell my guys they can do more with what's between their ears -- their brain -- than the holster on their side."