More heavy rain expected in parts of Central America already flooded by Eta, Iota

The region is expecting another 10 inches of rain.

More heavy rain is headed toward Central America, as the region is still dealing with the severe flooding from hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Belize, Guatemala and Honduras may see up to 10 inches of rain this weekend. This rain comes in the wake of both Eta’s 2-3 feet of rain and Iota’s additional 2-3 feet of rain just two weeks apart from each other.

While exact numbers are still fluctuating due to the dozens of people still missing from floodwaters and mudslides, at least 130 people reportedly died from Eta, and another 40 from Iota.

Hundreds of rescue crews are still searching for missing bodies amidst the chaos and ongoing tropical rains.

Overall the tropics are fairly quiet this week as the official end of the Atlantic hurricane season nears, which is Nov. 30.

A tropical disturbance in the western Atlantic is worth watching Saturday morning, but it only has a 10% chance of development over the next five days.

This has been the most active Atlantic hurricane season ever recorded, with 30 named storms.

In the U.S., the country has mostly moderate weather this weekend, with unseasonably warm weather continuing along the East Coast.

Afternoon highs across the Northeast will be 5-15 degrees above the seasonal average for Saturday before cooler weather arrives briefly on Sunday.

New York City and Boston will both be at or near 60 degrees by Saturday afternoon.

In the Plains, a cold front will sag across the southern plains and into the Mid-Mississippi valley Saturday afternoon and evening, bringing a minor threat for thunderstorms.

Widespread severe weather is not expected with these storms, only minor hail and gusty winds.

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