Homeowners' Association Sues Neighbor for Allegedly Running Swingers Parties Out of His House

Homeowners in Cresson, Texas, are not happy with this neighbor.

— -- A nasty neighborhood spat in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, has taken the adjective nasty to a new level.

A homeowners association in Cresson, Texas, recently filed a lawsuit against resident Randy Carter, alleging that he has been using his home to host swingers' parties.

Gatherings inside one's home is not necessarily against the community's rules, but because Carter is allegedly charging money to attend said parties, he is in violation of the group's rules mandating that properties are used for "single-family residential purposes only," according to the lawsuit filed by the Hills of Bear Creek Phase Two and Phase Three Homeowners' Association.

Carter did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for comment. The plaintiff's attorney identified Bob Bodoin as Carter's attorney, but Bodoin's office declined comment when reached by ABC News.

In the lawsuit, filed in Parker County Court on May 28, the group claims that Carter has hosted "events" at his home every Friday and Saturday evening since roughly October 2014, causing an increase in traffic, "loud noise and domestic disturbances."

According to the lawsuit, Carter lists his site as a venue on a site called Swingers Club List and states that there is a $75 fee for couples, $20 fee for single females and a $75 fee for single males. The lawsuit states that the listing says they operate on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. ABC News was unable to independently verify that Carter's address was listed in the Swingers Club List.

The events have been "obnoxious, offensive, an annoyance and a nuisance to the neighborhood," according to the lawsuit.

"It's a swingers club, so to speak," Chase Patterson, who lives directly next door to Carter, told ABC affiliate WFAA. "Mass amounts of traffic, people at the front gate that don't know each other. Definitely not a family reunion."

"I don't necessarily care what the guy does with his life; I just don't want it happening next door to my children's bedroom," Patterson added.

The homeowners' association is asking for a permanent injunction against the business, undisclosed damages, and lawyers fees.

Susan Ross, the attorney for the homeowners' association, said that there is no court date set in the case.