Huge storm heading east producing tornadoes, flooding, snow

A massive storm is making its way across the continental U.S.

A strong west-to-east storm system is producing tornadoes, funnel clouds, heavy rain and snow in higher elevations.

Snow and flood alerts abound this morning as the storm continues its march.

As much as a foot of snow may fall by tomorrow in Colorado and New Mexico, where winter storm watches, warnings or advisories have been issued. Denver also could see some snow.

The storm will be moving to the southern Plains by tomorrow night, as severe storms will develop from Dallas to Houston and east into Louisiana. Damaging winds and tornadoes are possible.

Heavy rain from Houston to Louisville to Cincinnati could lead to flooding.

The storm, by Thursday, will keep moving east, bringing significant precipitation to the Gulf Coast, from New Orleans to Tallahassee to Atlanta. Finally, by Friday, the storm should hit the East Coast, dumping heavy rain.