Hulk, the Viral Pit Bull Star, Wows New York City

Hulk the viral pit bull star turned heads in New York.

This distraction's name was Hulk, an 18-month-old, 175-pound Pit Bull who hails from Maine.

The enormous dog's best friend is the couple's 3-year-old son, Jordan.

Rather than being scared by the imposing-looking dog, people flocked to him -- eager to touch and ask questions about the animal.

"GMA" decided to give the celebrity canine a little break with a spa day, where he was able to make friends with other dogs.

He got his teeth polished and his coat brushed. He even had a reservation at a hotel, getting treats, water and a nap.

Asked why pit bulls have such a bad reputation, Marlon Grannon said that it was often due to the owner.

"A dog is only as good as the owner," Grannon said.