Hungry Bison Surprises Washington Zoo-Goers

The zoo visitors were feeding the bison with bread out of a car.

Caroline Walker Evans, 28, of Seattle, was visiting Olympic Game Farm in nearby Sequim, Washington, late last month with two friends on the farm’s famous “drive tour.”

The tour allows visitors to drive through the farm’s 84 acres of terrain on their own and get “face-to-face interaction” with the animals, according to the farm's website.

That was exactly what happened when Evans and her friends, Michelle Rakshys, and Yumiko Saito, encountered the farm’s bison.

“They were kind of chasing us but couldn’t go any faster because there were cars in front of us,” Evans told ABC News of the four or so bison that surrounded their car.

One bison, in particular, quickly realized that Evans had a supply of the wheat bread visitors are allowed to feed the animals. As seen on a cellphone video captured from inside the car, the bison leaned into the car's open window for the bread and would not leave Evans alone.

“Before we started filming, it had probably been there for nearly two minutes,” Evans said of the bison, which nuzzled up to Evans' arm and tried to lick her face and hand.

“I guess it was a little hungry,” she said, describing the bison as "huge" and "intimidating."

Evans said her car mates immediately rolled up their windows to keep the bison at bay but she was a bit more adventurous, leaving her window down for a few more seconds after the video ended.

“We couldn’t really get away but I kind of loved it at the same time,” Evans said.

Evans said the bison did eventually "calm down a little bit." As soon as the animal-induced traffic jam ahead cleared, Evans said, they “went a bit faster” and got out of the bison's reach.