Indiana Couple Gets Engaged on Top of a Roller Coaster

An Indiana man popped the question on top of a roller coaster.

ByABC News
September 25, 2015, 12:18 PM

— -- An Indiana couple’s relationship has literally reached new heights after they got engaged while riding a roller coaster at Holiday World.

Allison Boyle and Austin Crecelius, both seniors at Anderson University, met freshman year in a marketing class. Now, after dating for nearly two years, Crecelius proposed while riding “The Voyage” on Sept. 19.

“I wanted to do something creative and exciting,” Crecelius told ABC News today. “In many talks we have had we talked about how ‘life is a roller coaster’ and it just seemed fit to propose on a roller coaster.”

The couple admits they have talked about getting engaged before but Boyle said she was expecting a proposal around Christmas when her family will be in Indiana for the holidays.

She said: “I basically didn't realize he was proposing until he started talking about having a roller coaster buddy and showed me the ring in his hand,” the ring that Crecelius said was fake; he gave her the real one once they were off the ride.

After saying yes to her now-fiancé, Boyle was “overwhelmed, speechless and elated, and of course started crying,” she said.

Boyle added: “We are a somewhat goofy, quirky but fun couple. We don't like doing things the way other people do them, and at least from my perspective, a roller coaster proposal seemed to be our speed.”