Kidnapping Victim Jaycee Dugard Calls Effort By Father to Contact 'Terror'

Dugard's biological father, Kenneth Slayton, wants to establish paternity.

June 16, 2010, 12:34 PM

June 16, 2010 — -- Kidnap survivor Jaycee Dugard is now facing "terror" from another man, her biological father who ignored her for 29 years and is petitioning in court to establish his paternity.

A statement from Dugard's spokeswoman today said Dugard's mother has always admitted that Kenneth Slayton was Jaycee's father, but that he had repeatedly declined to be involved in her life, even after she was kidnapped in 1991 at the age of 11.

Dugard, who was held captive by Philip Garrido for 18 years, wasn't found until last year. She bore two children by Garrido and has lived reclusively with her mother and daughters since then.

According to a statement released today by family spokeswoman Nancy Seltzer, Dugard has expressed her feelings and has "no interest" in Slayton.

"She does not wish to see Mr. Slayton or his family at this time," reads the statement, adding, "DNA does not make a family!"

Dugard said that she reserves her right to change her mind later.

Seltzer says that the family would like to "avoid the terror" of Slayton petitioning the court for paternity after years of what they say was his disinterest in Dugard's life.

Dugard and her family said that until now, Slayton has done little to help the family during the kidnapping ordeal, and described his sudden interest in his daughter as out of character.

"At no point did Mr. Slayton offer any assistance beyond what was requested of him while Jaycee was missing," according to the statement.

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Dugard's mother, Terry Probyn, said in the statement there is no reason to establish paternity.

"Terry Probyn has never denied that Kenneth Slayton was the father," the statement reads. "Rather it was Mr. Slayton who showed no interest for the first 29 years of his daughter's life."

Slayton has hired high-profile celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, who is most recently known for representing several of pro-golfer Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses.

Jaycee Dugard Father Represented by Gloria Allred

Allred told ABC News that she had "no comment" regarding the Dugard's statement. But in a press conference on in September 2009, Allred, said that Slayton wanted to be reunited with his estranged daughter.

"He wants nothing from her," Allred said at the time. "What they really want to do is love her."

Slayton is reportedly married with children and is a retired bus driver in Los Angeles.

Dugard was snatched off the street while waiting for a school bus at the age of 11 and held captive for 18 years, living in squalor in tents and sheds in Garrido's backyard.

Garrido, a known violent sex offender, and his wife Nancy are awaiting trial and have pleaded not guilty to kidnap and rape charges.

In March, the family released home videos showing Dugard, her sister and her mother readjusting to life and decorating Christmas cookies.

At the time, Dugard said in her first statement since her release that she was "doing well" but that it has been a "long haul."

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