'Junior' Gotti's Stabbing Latest Drama for Mob Family Son

"Junior" Gotti was stabbed on Long Island.

November 12, 2013, 3:22 PM

Nov. 12, 2013— -- intro: John A. "Junior" Gotti, the son of the late "Dapper Don" John Gotti, was stabbed Sunday night in the parking lot of a CVS drug store in Syosset, N.Y.

Gotti, 49, reported he was breaking up a fight between strangers but has been uncooperative with police in providing details, according to an official.

Gotti was born into a life of crime as the son of the infamous John Gotti, who was the boss of the Gambino crime family until he was sent to prison in 1992. Junior Gotti then took over as captain, or "capo" of the crime ring.

Take a look back at Junior through the years, from when he took over for his father to his own run-ins with the law. media: 20856389

quicklist:1title: text: After his father was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for racketeering and murder conspiracy in 1992, Junior took over as "capo" of the Gambino crime family, according to law enforcement.media: 20865369

quicklist:2title: text: Because he was related to Joseph Gotti, Junior was able to visit his father in prison and relay messages to other Gambino family members.He is pictured here visiting his father in prison.media: 20865893

quicklist:4title:text: In 1997, a raid on Gotti's home turned up hundeds of thousands of dollars in cash and a list of names of reported mafia members, helping federal investigators put together criminal cases against them.media: 20865775

quicklist:5title:text: In 1998, Junior pleaded guilty to racketeering and was sentenced to six years in prison. He is seen here leaving the White Plains Federal Court after sentencing, Sept. 3, 1999. media: 20865844

quicklist:7title:text: After serving his time in prison, Junior said he'd left the Gambino crime family for good. media: 20865492

quicklist:6title:text: But Junior was still charged with more crimes. Here, Gotti arrives at Manhattan Federal Court for his retrial on racketeering and kidnapping charges, March 2, 2006.media: 20865607

quicklist:8title:text: After his release from prison, Junior was charged multiple times with racketeering but avoided conviction each time, earning him the nickname "Teflon John." His father who beat several prosecutions was called the "Teflon Don" before he was finally convicted.media: 20865556

quicklist:9title:text: Gotti attended a press conference with sister Victoria Gotti in 2011 to promote the movie, "Gotti: Three Generations," which eventually fell through. Gotti is married to Kim Albanese Gotti, with whom he has six children. The family lives on Long Island. media: 20856389

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