Kansas Farmer Catches Fish Using Flying Drone

The YouTube-famous farmer has also done a "Bad Blood" parody with his farm dog.

— -- A farmer from Peabody, Kansas, recently recorded himself catching a fish using his drone, which he transformed into a fishing pole.

"I tied a fishing line to the drone complete with the bobber and hook, and I forgot bait, but I found a plastic worm lying around, and off it went," Klingenberg, 36, told ABC News today. "I'm always trying to to think fun things to do with my drone, and I thought why not go fishing?"

The video shows the drone whirring over the pond when a Blue Gill suddenly bites and Klingenberg flies it back to him.

"Yes! My first drone fish!" Klingenberg can be heard shouting, while sporting a huge grin.

Before taking off the hook, he thought, "But first, let me take a selfie," he said. The video shows the Snapchat photo he took with the fish on the line.

The viral video had over 771,000 views as of this morning.

Klingenberg told ABC News he's started making videos as Farmer Derek two years ago on the Kansas farm, which belongs to his brother, dad and him. He said they raise cattle, corn, soybeans and wheat.