How Kansas Man Escaped Scene of Deadly Shooting: 'People Were Getting Pushed, Trampled'

The shooter killed three people and injured 14 others.

February 26, 2016, 10:30 AM

— -- Jared Trujillo was at work inside Excel Industries in Kansas Thursday afternoon when he "heard a loud bang."

It was a gunman, who had begun opening fire inside the workplace after firing in two other locations, eventually killing three people and injuring 14 others.

After the “bang,” Trujillo "saw a forklift driver running, sprinting. And I thought it was an explosion of some sort, like something on fire," he told "Good Morning America" today.

Someone started yelling "'Run, run. There’s a shooter. They’re shooting at us,’" Trujillo said.

"The girls that I was training, I told them, 'Let’s go. Let’s run,'" he said. "We all started running out at the same exit and people were getting pushed, trampled. Everyone was just trying to get out."

As Trujillo and his co-workers fled the building, they saw a man shot in the leg.

"We went back to get him, and we carried him across the street and to a mobile home park," he said. "We set him down and started attending to his wound."

Trujillo said he never saw the shooter firing. But he described the suspect, identified by authorities as Excel Industries employee Cedric Larry Ford, as "quiet."

"There was a couple of times that I walked by him and say hello to him and he’d never respond," Trujillo said. "He really didn’t say much. He didn’t look happy."

Authorities say Ford later died in a gun battle when a police officer shot him despite taking fire.

During it all, Trujillo's wife, Jennifer Trujillo, worried at home about her husband's fate.

"I just got home from shopping at Walmart and I turned on the TV ... and my heart sunk to my stomach," she told "GMA." "I just immediately called his mom and was crying. I was just really concerned and I got in my car."

When the couple finally reunited in an emotional moment caught on camera, Jennifer Trujillo said, "I didn’t want to let him go."

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