'Kenny the Clown' Ends Up With Steve Jobs' Stolen iPad

Police tracked Steve Jobs' stolen iPad to Kenny the Clown.

Aug. 18, 2012— -- Police looking for a stolen iPad belonging to the late Steve Jobs' found it in the hands of a San Francisco clown.

"Kenny the Clown" – also known as Kenneth Kahn – had the iPad, but he says he didn't steal it. In fact, he didn't even know he had it.

"In my wildest dreams could I imagine that I would have Steve Jobs' iPad," Kahn told "Good Morning America."

It started when Kenny's friend, Kariem McFarlin, robbed the Jobs' Palo Alto home last month.

The home was empty because it was being renovated, and apparently there was no alarm. McFarlin made off with $60,000 of jewelry, Jobs' wallet and his iPad.

The San Jose Mercury News obtained the 36-page police report, and wrote that McFarlin also stole Cristal Champagne, a blender and a soda maker from the home. He also grabbed iPhones, Macs, and iPods before he left.

Prosecutors say the theft appears to be random.

McFarlin climbed the scaffolding around the house, found a key and entered through the front door. It wasn't until he saw a piece of mail that he realized where he was, according to the Mercury News.

Investigators arrested McFarlin on Aug. 2 after tracking his IP address when he used the stolen Apple electronics, according to the Mercury News. He is in jail, and bail has been set at $500,000. He could face eight years behind bars.

But before McFarlin could be locked up, he sold many of the stolen goods for cash and gave Kahn an iPad to repay a debt. When Kahn logged into the internet, investigators found him, too.

"So the next thing the police were at my door, and I am given them the iPad," Kahn said. "I am not smiling right now."

He says he had no idea the iPad had a famous owner.

"There was no phonebook," Kahn said. "I didn't see any information. It was real nondescript. I wish I could say it had a beam to the moon or something, but nah. It was an iPad."