Kentucky teacher caught on video dragging student with autism down hallway

The teacher has been charged with assault in the fourth degree in the incident.

A Kentucky teacher is facing criminal charges after a video was revealed showing the teacher dragging a student diagnosed with autism down the school hallway.

The incident occurred Oct. 24 at Wurtland Elementary School in Greenup County, and the video was posted on Facebook by the child’s mother, Angel Nelson.

In the video, a woman police identified as Trina Abrams can be seen dragging 9-year-old Alan Jackson out of a classroom next to where children were lined up against a wall and pulling the student by his wrists down the hallway. At one point, Abrams can be seen stopping and attempting to pull Alan to his feet before continuing to drag him while he is on his knees into another classroom.

Angel Nelson told ABC News that Alan had been diagnosed with autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD, and Abrams was his resource teacher. Nelson said the other children were taken out of the classroom when her son was having an outburst and Abrams had allegedly grabbed her son’s wrists, twisted them and pulled him out of his chair before dragging him down the hallway.

"It broke my heart when I saw the video and I saw all of his new classmates and his friends along the wall watching him being dragged down the hallway," Angel Nelson said in an interview with ABC affiliate WCHS.

Nelson told ABC News that she took her son out of school for a few days following the incident before ultimately transferring him to another school. She said her son’s wrist was sprained after he was dragged and that he was still emotionally traumatized.

The Greenup County School District said in a statement that after the incident, "the parent was contacted immediately and the student was assessed by the school nurse and referred for outside medical evaluation." The district also confirmed in the statement that Abrams had been removed when the investigation began, and that Child Protective Services and the Kentucky Education Standards Board had both been contacted.

David Boarman with Kentucky State Police Post 14 told ABC News that Abrams had been charged with assault in the 4th degree, victim under 12-years-old, and was given a citation to appear in court. Boarman confirmed Abrams had been fired by the school, and was due in court Wednesday morning.

Abrams did not return ABC News' request for comment. She has not yet appeared in court for this incident.

Nelson told ABC News she wanted more cameras in schools, noting that the camera in the room where Alan was ultimately taken was facing a wall and did not show what happened in that room. She also said she wanted more training for teachers who work with children with disabilities, as well as those who do not.

Angel and Alan’s stepfather, Calep, also encouraged parents to look out for their children.

"As to parents, all I can say is if something like this ever happens, be vigilant, and don't stop until you get answers. That's what we're trying to do," Calep told WCHS.