What Life Was Like in 1999, the Last (and Only Other) Time the Atlanta Falcons Played in a Super Bowl

This is the Atlanta Falcons' second trip to the Super Bowl.

This is what life was like in 1999, the last time the Falcons played in a Super Bowl:

Super Bowl XXXIII: Jan. 31, 1999

The 33rd Super Bowl was played at Miami’s Pro-Player Stadium, now called Hard Rock Stadium. Cher sang the national anthem.

Denver won the game, which was the last played by MVP quarterback John Elway, who would later announce his retirement before the start of the next season.

Y2K Fears Ran Rampant

Fears that a digital bug nicknamed Y2K would wreak havoc on computing systems topped headlines leading up to the year 2000.

Until the 1990s, many early computer programs were designed to abbreviate four-digit years to two digits to save memory space, allowing computers to recognize "99" as the year "1999." People cautioned that in the New Year, computers would be unable to recognize “00” as “2000” and would interpret it to mean “1900,” according to Britannica.com.

A story published in the Los Angeles Times Jan. 21, 1999, said that city agencies were "still struggling to upgrade computers to handle the year 2000 problem."

At the time, several city departments were assigning themselves a "C or D in grading their preparations," the article read.

"I believe there is the possibility of some disruptions here and there," the city's assistant general manager said at the time.

Turns out Y2K didn't present much of a problem at all.

Cost of Living

Average cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.22

Average cost of new car: $21,050

U.S. postage stamp: 33 cents

A dozen eggs: 89 cents

Average U.S. home price: $79,384

It's hard to imagine life without the Griffins, but the first time Peter Griffin graced the small screen was Jan. 31, 1999, after Super Bowl 33 ended.

In the pilot, titled "Death Has a Shadow," Peter loses his job after drinking too much and falling asleep at work. He then signs up for welfare to keep his wife, Lois, from finding out.

When Peter is mistakenly sent a check for more $150,000, he dumps the cash from a blimp at the Super Bowl and gets arrested before his family finds a way to bail him out.

It pays off to follow the most-watched television event every year. The "Family Guy" pilot garnered 22 million viewers that night.

Pop Culture: A Pop Princess Ruled the Airwaves

The highest-ranking television show for the 1998-99 season was "ER," followed by "Friends" and "Frasier."

No. 1 at the box office was quintessential teen romance movie "She's All That," starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook.

Instead of watching the game, kids were playing with their Nintendo Game Boy Color and Furbies, both of which were among the most-sought-after toys for Christmas the month before.

What's old is sometimes new again. By the end of the 1990s, the extreme trends -- bright-colored prints, overalls and jelly sandals -- began to die down. What was left were the staples, such as lingerie-inspired slip dresses, choker necklaces and denim dresses, which have circulated back in style.

Advancing Technology and Smartphones Had Not Yet Changed Lives

People who attended Super Bowl 33 actually watched the game because smartphones and the plethora of apps they offer were not yet around.

So instead of being distracted by taking selfies and checking how many “likes” they got on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, people were probably devoting a much larger percentage of their focus to the gridiron.

Most Americans didn't even have cellphones, yet. There were only about 86 million cellphone subscribers in the United States in 1999, compared to more than 300 million today.

After its release in 1998, the Nokia 6210 was among the best-selling cellphones. It was loaded with everyone's favorite -- and only -- game: Snake.

Apple wouldn't release the iPod until 2001, so music lovers were forced to carry around portable CD players for on-the-go listening. The days of lugging around heavy zip-up books full of CDs are not missed.

ABC News' Celina Fang contributed to this report.

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