What life was like during the last Patriots vs Eagles Super Bowl

A look back at American culture at the time of the 2005 Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XXXIX was the first weekend of February 2005.

We still had two years to go until the first iPhone.

What was different back then?

"Boogeyman" and "The Wedding Date" were the top two movies at the box office the weekend of the 2005 Super Bowl.

What's the same now and then?

New episodes of "Will & Grace" are back on the air.

And quarterback Tom Brady is still a Patriot, of course. While this year marks the Eagles' first Super Bowl appearance since 2005, the Patriots have made it to the big game 8 times since Brady was drafted in 2000.

At Super Bowl XXXIX the Patriots beat the Eagles 24-21. Their rematch is this Sunday in Minneapolis.