A man in Seattle was more interested in cash than Thin Mints or Samoas when he encountered a troop of Girl Scouts selling cookies over the weekend.

And now the shady suspect has got more than the law on his tail.

The man ran up and swiped a money bin containing $600 from a group selling the coveted cookies in front of a QFC grocery store in Seattle on Sunday night, according to the Seattle Police Department. He then fled on foot, police said.

The seven Girl Scout cookies are seen here.(The Washington Post/Getty Images, FILE) The seven Girl Scout cookies are seen here.

In releasing a surveillance photo of the man, who was wearing a bright-colored hoodie with a jacket over it at the time of the theft, police in Seattle offered a light-hearted response to the cruel criminality.

In a press release titled "To the Man Who Stole $600 From a Girl Scout Cookie Table: We Cannot Stop Them; Your Only Hope is to Turn Yourself In," investigators requested that the public contact detectives if the recognize the man so that they can take him into custody before "highly-mobile teams of Girl Scouts armed with bows, poison-tipped arrows, and a Terminator-like unflinching dedication to relentlessly pursuing their target do."

Additional information on the heartless cash grab was not immediately available.