'Loose Tweets Destroy Fleets,' Air Force Advisory Warns

The Air Force is out with a twist on the old slogan 'loose lips, sink ships.'

— -- A new twist on an old military slogan is offering up a serious message to armed service members in the information age, revealing heightened concern about targeting by social media-savvy groups like ISIS.

Air Force CENT Force Protection chief Capt. Jonathan McDonald is quoted in the release specifically citing the potential for “ISIS sympathizers” and “lone wolves” to track down military members and their loved ones using their social media activity.

At the time, a defense official told ABC News, it did not appear the information on the list was gained through a data breach. Instead, the official said it all appears to have come from publicly available information on social media and Internet sites.

The release from last week offers up other advice for military members to protect themselves, including tightening security settings in all social media accounts, using secure phone lines, encrypting email exchanges and “making sure you are shredding all paper including any notes or post its.”