Louisiana Train Cars Tumble Off Track Due to Strong Winds

The train cars looked like toys rolling off a train track.

— -- Dramatic video captured nearly a dozen shipping containers on train cars that derailed and fell off an elevated train track due to strong winds in Louisiana.

Like toys tumbling over like dominoes, the real train was blown off the track as the camera was rolling in heavy rain near a restaurant called Raising Cane’s in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Strong winds knocked over some train cars around 10:30 a.m. on Monday, though no injuries were reported, according to ABC affiliate WGNO.

The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad said shipping containers were blown off the elevated trestle in the Elmwood area "during severe weather late this morning."

"The Union Pacific train was east bound headed to the CSX Gentilly Yard traveling at approximately 4 mph on the elevated down-slope structure of the railroad tracks over land, attached to the Huey P. Long Bridge," the statement read.

Luckily, the Jefferson Parish Haz mat reports the containers do not have hazardous or sensitive materials and no injuries were reported, the railroad said.

"There is one container still listing on the tracks. Structural engineers are enroute to assess the remaining cars and any damage to the tracks," the railroad said.

The Huey P. Long Bridge is open in both directions at this time to vehicular traffic, the railroad said.