Love Letter Delivered 53 Years Too Late

VIDEO: Muhammad Siddeeq was just delivered a letter written to him in
WATCH Pennsylvania Man Receives Love Letter 53 Years Late

A love letter written to a college student in Pennsylvania was finally delivered, albeit 53 years late.

Officials at the California University of Pennsylvania are forwarding the long lost note to Muhammad Siddeeq at his Indianapolis home after friends and family members heard reports about a letter whose address bore Siddeeq's former name.

The missive, written in February 1958, arrived in the mailroom of the university last week. It was mailed to a Mr. Clark C. Moore, who was a junior at the time. The letter didn't include much about the sender, but it was signed "Love Forever, Vonnie."

The letter ends by Vonnie saying, "I still miss you as much as ever and love you a thousand times more. Please write me real soon," said Christine Kindl, spokeswoman for the university.

Kindl said the letter revealed some of the same sentiments that students still express today.

"It was clearly a letter from a girlfriend at the time," she said. "It was a very sweet letter."

Siddeeq told the Washington Observer-Reporter that the letter is a "testament of the sincerity, interest and innocence at the time," but that he had mixed feelings about the missive: He and Vonnie are now divorced.

Kindl said the university is putting the letter in the mail today, along with a Cal U T-shirt.

"He said he was very excited to get the letter," said Kindl, who spoke with Siddeeq as soon as she tracked him down. "But he said if he doesn't get this package in the next 53 years, he's going to file a complaint!"