Man scores 2nd winning lotto ticket in 3 months

The state's motto "the way life should be" is ringing true for Robert Stuart.

Some people have all the luck!

For one man in Maine, life really is "the way it should be," as state's motto goes, after he won the state lottery for the second time this year.

Robert Stuart won $100,000 off of an instant ticket less than three months after he won $1 million in a different lotto drawing, according to ABC News stationWMTW.

The Kennebunkport man paid $25 for the winning ticket at the Circle E in Kennebunk that earned him 4,000 times it's original value, according to WMTW.

Stuart previously spent the same amount on a scratch ticket at Hannaford supermarket for Maine Lottery's Ultimate Millions game and took home $710,000 after taxes in May.

The Maine State Lottery was closed for Labor Day and unable to return ABC News' request for comment.