Man Attempts to Burglarize Florida Spy Shop That Sells Surveillance Cameras

"The guy's probably not the smartest criminal," says the shop's owner.

— -- Note to would-be burglars: Attempting to rob a shop that makes its business selling surveillance cameras may not be the smartest move.

That's precisely what happened in South Florida early Wednesday morning, when a man attempted to break into a spy shop in Deerfield Beach.

The would-be robber tried to break into Spy Spot Investigations by smashing its door with a rock, but he failed.

Not surprisingly, his failed attempt was caught on several cameras.

"This is probably the last place you would want to try to burglarize," store manager Evan Tannenbaum told WSVN in Miami. "We got a whole bunch of surveillance cameras. We've got hidden cameras, we also do GPS tracking devices, audio recording devices."

Tannenbaum said the store's cameras captured the aspiring thief approaching the store and picking up a rock. "And then all he did was he went over to the door, he threw it right against it," Tannenbaum said.

And it even appears that the would-be thief was aware of the surveillance cameras. Tannenbaum said there are signs alerting that cameras are rolling.

"And at one point, it looks like he can tell he’s on camera, but he doesn't stop," he said. "Then he comes back, basically kicks the door again, tries to push it with his hands and then walks away."

A stunned Tannenbaum reiterated, "I don’t know why you would try to rob a spy store. The guy's probably not the smartest criminal."

Police are circulating images of the man that the store's cameras captured.