Man in car chases former colleague in Green Bay's Lambeau Field parking lot

Police detained the suspect within six minutes.

— -- A man rammed his car into five cars in the parking lot of Green Bay's famed Lambeau Field before chasing an employee with his car and then crashing.

The driver, whose name has not been released but was identified as a 20-year-old Green Bay resident, was arrested six minutes after the incident began this afternoon.

Just after 1 p.m., emergency dispatchers began receiving 911 calls from the ramp of Lambeau Field, which originally came in as active shooter calls, Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith said in a press conference Friday afternoon. Police officers responded to the scene within five minutes and apprehended the suspect just a minute after, he said.

When authorities arrived, they learned that there was no active shooter.

Smith said that both the suspect and the victim from today's dispute were at one point employees of the food service contractor used at the stadium. The suspect was fired from his job earlier this month after an incident with the victim, according to officials.

"Apparently, he was involved in a disturbance on Dec. 3 with a fellow employee, and that was a physical altercation, and he was ultimately fired from his employment at the food service agency," Smith said.

Smith said the suspect found the victim sitting in his car and then used his vehicle to hit the victim's car. When the victim got out of his car, the suspect drove after him as the victim fled on foot.

Shortly before police received calls about the incident, the suspect is believed to have gone to a police station to discuss his termination, officials said. About 20 minutes after making the report, the suspect then drove to the stadium and located the other employee with whom "he had the original dispute," Smith said.

The steel arm that is normally down when the loading dock isn't in use was up because employees were loading trucks in and out at the time, which allowed the suspect to drive his vehicle down the ramp and up another ramp that led to storage rooms near Lambeau Field, where the suspect crashed his car inside.

Smith said the investigation is ongoing, and "anybody that saw this guy chase this victim, we want to interview them." The suspect will also be interviewed by detectives about the original dispute, Smith said.

The vehicle is still inside the building and will remain there until hazmat and the bomb squad determine there is nothing dangerous inside, Smith said, adding that no weapon has been located.

Photos from the scene show one vehicle on top of another car, and while Smith said "it's going to be a while until that particular part of the parking lot is cleared," he said it should have no interference with Saturday's scheduled home game between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings.

Local ABC affiliate WBAY said that the first reports from the scene initially claimed there was an active shooter at Lambeau Field, but police have since said there were no guns involved.

ABC News' Rachel Katz contributed to this report.