Man finds suspected burglar dead in his home, trapped under 900-pound safe

The homeowner made the discovery a day after he first reported the robbery.

March 15, 2019, 3:37 AM

An Indiana man said he found an intruder dead in his home this week, trapped under his family's 900-pound safe, according to police.

George Hollingsworth, of Marion, Indiana, said he made the shocking discovery on Wednesday, a day after he first reported the robbery to police.

Hollingsworth was inspecting his home, located about 70 miles north of Indianapolis, for stolen items when he made the shocking discovery, according to the Marion Police Department.

The homeowner went into his garage and found that his floor safe, which had been lifted by a floor jack, was knocked over with a man lying beneath it. The safe weighs more than 900 pounds.

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"Hollingsworth began cleaning the clutter in his garage to see if any items had been stolen. Upon cleaning, he found that his antique floor safe weighing over 900 pounds was knocked over," the Marion Police Department said in a statement. "Upon further inspection Mr. Hollingsworth found a body lying underneath the safe."

The Marion Fire Department helped lift the safe and remove the body, police said. Authorities have not released the dead man's identity, pending family notifications.

"I came in [the house] and told my wife, 'I think we’ve got a dead body out there.' She thought I was kidding," Hollingsworth told Fox 59 in Indianapolis.

An autopsy will be conducted by the Northeast Indiana Forensic Center, according to the department.