Man Who Held US Flag for 14 Hours in Garland Returns With an Even Bigger Flag, Urges Solidarity

He's asking Americans of different backgrounds to raise their flags with him.

— -- Joseph Offutt, 21, held a large American flag for over 14 hours outside the Curtis Cullwell Center in Garland, Texas yesterday.

"I want to encourage Americans of all religions, races and cultures to join in and raise their American flags in solidarity with me," he told ABC News today. "I would love to see more of us coming together, standing as one."

On Tuesday, one Muslim family stopped by where Offutt was holding up the flag and came to give him a hug, he said.

"It just goes to show religion and race doesn't separate us as Americans," Offutt said. "We're all Americans."

He added that he hopes people will take on the #AmericanFlagChallenge Arizona resident Bryce Wagoner started through a video he uploaded to Facebook.

In the video, Wagoner can be seen standing outside while holding his cat and asking people to display an American flag in their yards and share the photo on social media.