Man surprises pregnant wife with motivational messages during two-day labor

The clip has over 2.5 million views as of Monday morning.

September 23, 2019, 5:57 AM

One Atlanta man's video of him sharing heartfelt messages of encouragement with his pregnant wife during two days of labor has gone viral, and viewer responses are serving up a mixture of delight and rage.

The video of Kendall Caver's thoughtful act sees him standing by his wife, Jasmine Caver, as he flips through a series of pages full of reassuring words and touching anecdotes in Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

Kendall says he was inspired to create the motivational book as his wife was anxious leading up to her due date after having previously had a miscarriage.

As he turned the pages, Kendall made reference to the "rough times" the couple went through, including a "pregnancy loss," and said it took "prayer" and "patience" for their relationship to flourish.

"I wanted to do something that could help take her mind off all that was happening and to help her focus on her breathing," he said.

"You are my best friend, soulmate and in just a few pushes, you'll be the most amazing mother our daughter could ever ask for," he wrote, concluding the book with "I love you!" before kissing Jasmine.

The clip had racked up over 2.5 million views on Kendall's Facebook page as of Monday morning, and has been shared by news outlets across the globe, reaching millions of additional viewers.

"Wow! That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all week," one Facebook viewer commented. "My heart just melted! They are going to be a beautiful family," another wrote.

But while many applauded the husband's gesture, the video has also received its fair share of backlash.

"Sweet, but had my husband pulled this book out during the middle of my (very long) labor, I most likely would have tossed him out the window," one Twitter user said. "Classic narcissism. His wife is just a prop for his viral video," another replied.

"My dad read the paper and ate a Kit Kat while my mum had my brother," read one response, proving that the motivational messages approach isn't for everyone.

Regardless of reactions, Kendall and Jasmine eventually celebrated the arrival of a healthy baby, taking to Facebook to announce the birth of their daughter, Sofia Isabel Caver.

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