Manhattan man attempts suicide by blowing up brownstone, police say

The man caused a "minor explosion" when he cut a gas line, police said.

— -- Police say a man distraught over marital problems attempted to commit suicide on Thursday night by blowing up his Manhattan brownstone.

He was the only person injured in the explosion.

The New York City Department of Buildings responded to the scene following the explosion, and determined that the four-story brownstone remained structurally sound. Officials reported the building’s only notable damage was to the outer wall and basement door.

Police said they are currently investigating the incident as a domestic abuse case because of ongoing marital issues that may have led to the man’s suicide attempt.

Authorities have not arrested the man and he is currently being acknowledged by police as an emotionally disturbed person.

The man lived in the brownstone with his wife and several other family members.

No other buildings were affected by the minor blast.