Massachusetts Police Catch the 'Grinch Who Stole Christmas' in 'COPS' Parody Video

"Instead of frowning upon police, everyone can laugh at us instead."

December 25, 2015, 11:10 AM

— -- The Dartmouth Police Department in Massachusetts is spreading holiday cheer with a hilarious holiday-themed "COPS" parody video of the Grinch's arrest.

The video posted to YouTube on Wednesday features two protagonists from the department: Officer Herbie, who's "always wanted to be a dentist," and Sgt. Kringle, who "used to be a master toymaker."

Herbie and Kringle can be seen on the tape pulling into a Who's driveway and then catching the Grinch around the corner of the Who home. Herbie and Kringle tell the Grinch to freeze, and so he helplessly drops a stolen package, puts his hands up and cooperates with his subsequent arrest.

"Well, we just apprehended the Grinch trying to break into a house, trying to steal Christmas," Kringle says on the way to booking the Grinch. "That's not going to happen on our watch. Oh, and he's a foul one, too."

The video's end shows a mug shot of the Grinch, who "was charged and found guilty of the attempted stealing of Christmas."

The hairy, green foe "is currently completing a thousand hours of community service at Santa's Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire," police said.

Dartmouth Police Det. Kyle Costa, who produced the video, told ABC News today that making the video was "incredibly fun" and that the cops "had a blast."

"We want to show people we have sense of humor, too," Costa said. "Instead of frowning upon police, everyone can laugh at us instead."

And for any other "Grinches" or porch pirates scheming out there, Costa said the department has a message for you: "Beware! We're out there watching."