Meet Amanda Knox's Rocker Fiance Colin Sutherland

They have known each other since middle school.

— -- Amanda Knox got an early Valentine's Day present this year, as her father confirmed to ABC News she is engaged to be married.

They were pictured together last summer when Knox, now 27, was living in New York for a few months. Sutherland is a musician who lived in Brooklyn at the time.

They were engaged Feb. 3, her father said. Knox lives in Seattle and it is unclear whether Sutherland has moved back to the state.

Sutherland, now 27, was listed as a 2009 graduate of Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York.

His band, The Johnny Pumps, is based in New York and is described as a mix of rock, "impure metal, and it's cut with a punk edge that will make you want to dance."

For the time being, Knox appears to have settled back into her hometown of Seattle. She graduated from the University of Washington in June.

Knox was initially convicted by an Italian court of killing Meredith Kercher but that decision was overturned on appeal in October 2011 after she had spent four years in prison. She was then reconvicted last year and an appeal of the appeal will begin next month.

Knox has previously told ABC News that while she maintains her innocence, she will not be traveling to Italy for the new appeal because if found guilty, she would then be sent back to jail.

"I will never go willingly back to the place where … I’m going to fight this to the very end. It’s not right and it’s not fair," she said.

ABC News' Nikki Batiste contributed to this report.