Michael Brown, Marine who allegedly killed his mother's boyfriend, arrested

Michael Brown has been on the run since Nov. 9.

A U.S. Marine who allegedly deserted his post in North Carolina and killed his mother's boyfriend has been arrested, officials said.

Michael Brown, 22, who was on the run for more than two weeks, was taken into custody Wednesday and faces multiple charges, the U.S. Marshals Service announced. He was arrested inside his mother's home.

Brad Sellers, acting U.S. Marshal for the western district of Virginia, and Franklin County Sheriff Bill Overton told reporters Wednesday that Brown was taken into custody without incident.

Brown was wanted in the shooting death of Rodney Brown, 54, who was found dead in his home on Nov. 9. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office obtained an arrest warrant for second-degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

This has been "an intense manhunt for the past 18 days," Overton said, which covered three states and multiple jurisdictions.

No court date has been set at this time and Overton said Brown would be tried in Franklin County.

Michael Brown served as a combat engineer for the U.S. Marine Corps until around Oct. 18, when authorities said he deserted his post at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

Police responded to a family member's emergency about noon on Nov. 9. Rodney Brown was found dead at the scene, and Michael Brown was immediately named a person of interest, authorities said.

Authorities said there was no known motive for Brown's killing. The fugitive Marine was allegedly seen in various vehicles, including most recently an RV that was pulling an enclosed trailer. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said that RV was found on Nov. 14 in Roanoke, Virginia. On Nov. 10, the car he was allegedly driving previously, a 2008 black Lincoln Town Car, was found inside the trailer in South Carolina, authorities said.

His last known public whereabouts put him in the area of Roanoke, authorities said.

Michael Brown's family made a heartfelt plea earlier this month for him to surrender.

"Michael, if you see this, please turn yourself in. I’m scared for you. I love you, baby," Vanessa Hansen, Brown's mother, told Fox affiliate WFXR. "We will get you a lawyer. We will help you. I won’t leave you. Just please turn yourself in. I can’t lose another person."

The hunt for Michael Brown was a massive joint operation that included local authorities, the Marshals Service, FBI and NCIS.

ABC News' Julia Jacobo, Matthew Seyler and Karma Allen contributed to this report.