Michigan Highway Shootings: Police Apprehend Suspect

PHOTO: Police in Michigan are searching for a shooter who has been randomly firing at people in their cars on a highway near Detroit.PlayABC News
WATCH Michigan Highway Shootings: Police Search for Gunman

Detroit-area police have arrested a man believed to be involved in dozens of seemingly random shootings that have taken place across four Michigan counties in the past month.

A search warrant was issued in Wixom, Mich. last night, Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth told The Associated Press. Wixom, a Detroit suburb, is where the string of shootings began in mid-October.

"We're trying to confirm whether he's our guy or not," Wriggelsworth told the AP. "We'll have to see how this shakes out."

Over the past month there have been 24 reported incidents of gunfire at what seem to be random cars, mostly on or near Interstate 96.

On the afternoon of Oct. 27, a baseball fan driving along the Interstate 96 corridor en route to a World Series game in Detroit was shot in the left hip. Emily Roll, a gas station employee who witnessed the aftermath of the shooting, said the man came limping into the station, looking for help.

"First he said to call the cops," she said. "I thought he got robbed, but then he said I just got shot off the highway."

Only 30 minutes earlier and a mile away, another car on the interstate had been hit by a bullet that entered through the back window. The driver was not injured.

"If somebody would have been sitting in the rear seat of the first vehicle, they'd have been hit," Livingston County Sherriff Bob Bezotte said.

Until Saturday, no one had been hurt in the string of shootings, but authorities fear there's a serial shooter out there with deadly intentions.

The ATF, the FBI and Crime Stoppers were offering $102,000 for information leading to an arrest of the suspect.

Some worried that this could be the beginning of a nightmare like the one in the Washington region in the fall of 2002. Two snipers in the Washington suburbs killed 10 people and injured three others over a month's time before they were finally caught.

ABC News' Pierre Thomas contributed to this report