Michigan Mom Aimee Louise Sword Faces Trial for Incest With Son She Gave Up for Adoption

Police: Aimee Louise Sword found son she gave up for adoption on the Internet.

ByABC News
September 11, 2009, 12:39 PM

Sept. 11, 2009— -- A Michigan mother is facing a trial after being accused of having a summer romance with the teenage son she gave up for adoption.

Aimee Louise Sword, 35, who is free on bond after her arrest, was initially charged with three counts of felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct. A judge this week reduced the charges to one count, but police say she is accused of a "very serious crime."

Sword began a sexual relationship with her biological son in the summer of 2008 after reconnecting with him on the Internet, Waterford Township Police Sgt. Scott Good told ABCNews.com.

"She had given the child up early on in life for adoption," he said, adding that Sword's adoption agreement permitted limited contact with the boy.

Good said police were notified about the alleged incestuous romance in the fall after being contacted by Child Protective Services.

After an investigation that resulted in the three-count warrant, Sword surrendered to police April 24. She was released a short time later on a $3,000 bond.

Sword's lawyer Kenneth Burch told ABCNews.com that his client has pleaded not guilty ahead of the pre-trial date set for Sept. 21.

"Anybody would be distraught and she is because of the allegations she is faced with," he said. "She's meeting this head on."

Burch would not go into detail about Sword or her life, but confirmed she has other children who have since been removed from the house by CPS. There were never any allegations of abuse involving the other children, he said.

Her ex-mother-in-law, before hanging up on ABCNews.com, said that she's "not interested in any interview, anything with my grandchildren."