Missing New Hampshire Mother Believed to Have Undiagnosed Medical Condition

Police in New Hampshire have ramped up the search for a missing 51-year-old mother who disappeared from her home this weekend and is believed to have an undiagnosed medical condition.

Lorinda White was last seen in her home Aug. 5 at about 10:45 p.m., according to family members. The mother of two adult children was likely barefoot when she vanished from her home, her son said.

"She didn't leave with anything, didn't have money, her cellphone, wallet, ID, anything. [She] probably has no shoes, as far as we know," eldest son Crawford Zetterberg said.

White has wondered off three times in the past weekend, according to family members, who added that she is afraid of hospitals. They said they believe the string of disappearances might be linked to an undiagnosed medical condition, WMUR-TV reported.

Police Wednesday used a helicopter to cover a one-mile radius of Milford's wooded and hilly landscape. White grew up in Milford and knows the area well, according to family.

"There are a number of different areas that are wooded, a lot of them are heavily wooded. We tried to see from the air as much as we possibly could," Capt. Chris Nervik of the Milford Police Department said.

"As the time goes by, we really want to step up and do anything we can to locate her."

William Pillsbury, White's boyfriend, said he won't give up the search.

"Of course, I have hope, I won't stop looking for that girl," he said. "She's all I have in this world."

White was last seen wearing blue shorts, a pink tank-top and a green-colored baseball cap with her ponytail pulled through, according to the Milford Police Department.