Mistress of Doctor Who Was Stabbed to Death Testifies at Widow's Trial

Woman says he planned to leave his wife for her.

January 26, 2012, 3:32 AM

Jan. 26, 2011— -- The mistress of a Navy doctor who was stabbed to death testified at his widow's trial that he said he planned to leave his wife for her, but she broke off their relationship when she was told that his wife was pregnant.

Dr. Danielle Robbins was 30 when she met and fell in love with Navy Lt. Cmdr. Frederick Trayers, a married ER doctor, while they were both working aboard the USS Mercy in 2010. Although Trayers had been married for nearly 20 years, Robbins continued the relationship.

"Every time we would talk and communicate I would just feel more connected," Robbins said in court Wednesday. "He said [he and his wife] had issues, and he was unhappy for a long time."

Robbins says she ended the relationship when Trayers' wife Jennifer Trayers told her husband she was pregnant. But the defense said Frederick Trayers was lying, and allege that when Jennifer Trayers found out about the affair in December 2010 she stabbed her husband eight times in the back and through the heart at their San Diego home, killing him.

Prosecutor said that the evidence will shows that she waited to catch him unprepared, that she armed herself with the knife and that she attacked him with planned marksmanship.

Police responding to the scene found Frederick Trayers curled up in his bed, and Jennifer Trayers lying nearby with apparently self-inflicted stab wounds.

While Jennifer Trayer's lawyer does not deny his client killed her husband, he says she lost control while they were wrestling over a knife.

Trayers defense lawyer said that she took the knife and just started stabbing him, adding that she claims that after the first stab or two she doesn't remember much..

Frederick Trayers and his wife both had a history of infidelity and were going to counseling, according to ABC News San Diego affiliate 10 News.

In court Robins recounted secret meetings including jogs on the beach and hikes and bar-hopping the night of Jennifer Trayer's birthday, according to 10 News, which reported that Jennifer Trayers sent Robins an eight-page email telling her, "My husband is not going to be yours."

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