Mother of Dead Children Dumped in Delray Beach Canal Is Missing

Delray Beach police have asked family about the mother's tattoos.

March 4, 2011, 12:25 PM

March 4, 2011 — -- Now that police have found the bodies of two children stuffed in suitcases and floating in a Florida canal, they are trying to find their mother.

"We haven't been able to locate the mother. We're not sure where she is," Delray Police Sgt. Nicole Guerriero said. "We don't have any idea where she might be."

Police have not identified the children or their mother, but Margaret Gissome believes the missing mother is her sister, Felicia Brown, and the dead children are her niece and nephew, 10-year-old Jermaine McNeil and 6-year-old Ju'tyra Allen.

Gissome said that police have asked her to provide dental records for the children and pictures of her sister's tattoos.

"That's confirming in my mind you got my niece and nephew back there and you all need dentist records to point it out to the public. And now you're asking about tattoos [on] my sister and ... Yes we're going to read between the lines that you got my sister back there," she told

Gissome said the family didn't know how long Felicia Brown, 25, has been missing.

"We never knew she was missing until the community of Delray tipped off Delray police that they discovered the bodies," Gissome said.

Neighbors told Gissome that the kids were seen three weeks ago jumping on a trampoline in the neighborhood.

Clem Beauchamp, 34, is being held on an unrelated weapons charge, but is considered a suspect in the deaths, Guerriero said.

Gissome told that Beauchamp had dated her sister since at least 2007. Brown and her two children were living with Beauchamp, Gissome said. Two of Beauchamp's children also lived in the home, Gissome said. It's not clear where those two children are at the moment.

"I've known situations where Clem hit my sister," Gissome said.

Police are searching the home that Beauchamp and Brown lived at in Delray.

"The detectives are at the house where we believe the children resided," Guerriero said.

Where Is Mother of Children Found in Canal?

On Wednesday, authorities discovered a black duffel bag floating in a canal. The bag contained the body of a black girl between the ages of 6 and 10. Later Wednesday afternoon, police discovered another suitcase about a half mile away from where the girl was discovered. In the black suitcase with a soft outer shell, authorities discovered the body of a black boy between the ages of 10 and 12, Guerriero said.

The bodies were not dismembered and investigators are still determining a cause of death.

Police won't identify the woman they're searching for and medical results are still pending to confirm that the two children are indeed siblings.

Brown's grandmother, Barbara Flint, is sure that the bodies are those of her grandchildren and who killed them.

Flint told ABC News affiliate WPLG that she confronted Beauchamp on Tuesday.

"He was here sitting on my sofa. I am asking him, 'Where are the children? Clem, tell me, where are my grandchildren?' And he knew all the time that he murdered them," Flint said.

"Two little innocent children," Flint said. "He could have brought them to me. I would have taken my grandchildren."

Beauchamp, a convicted felon, voluntarily visited police Thursday morning and after a day of questioning was charged with illegally possessing a homemade firearm silencer.

The charges stem from 2009 incident when a car belonging to Brown was repossessed. In the car, police found a black bag that contained a firearm, a homemade silencer, a black knit cap, a green Halloween type mask, ammunition and a tube containing crack cocaine, according to an affidavit.

When asked about the weapon, mask and gun, Brown said they belonged to Beauchamp. When questioned in 2009, Beauchamp denied that the gun and silencer belonged to him. He said that he had bought the green mask for his son. Beauchamp admitted to having a felony conviction for aggravated assault stemming from an arrest for robbery while masked, according to the affidavit.

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