NTSB Recovers Second Black Box, Video From Hoboken Train Crash

The event recorder and video footage have arrived in Washington, D.C.

ByABC News
October 4, 2016, 3:51 PM

— -- A second black box and front-facing video footage have been recovered from the front car of the New Jersey Transit commuter train that crashed in Hoboken last week, according to federal safety officials.

"We have a lot of work to do," said National Transportation Safety Board investigator James Southworth. "It's quite a bit of data and it takes quite a bit of time."

The two items could hold key pieces of information for the NTSB's investigation. The lab also has the engineer's cellphone.

NTSB has not addressed the speed of the train as the analysis is underway, but officials said in the wake of the crash that train was coming into the terminal faster than normal.

"We're not prepared to make that statement right now," Southworth said in response to questions at a public briefing on the investigation.

One woman was killed and more than a hundred were injured when the commuter train crashed into the station on Thursday.

The first event recorder located in the rear of the train, recovered on Sunday by federal investigators, is not functional.

Investigators were force to wait until the area around the front car, the controlling cab, was safe before they could access the second event recorder and front facing camera.

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