4 Oklahoma Inmates Escape Jail's Plumbing Chase

Three were awaiting transportation to the department of corrections.

Oct. 27, 2013 — -- Authorities in Oklahoma are searching for four inmates who escaped early this morning from a county jail through a plumbing chase in a jail cell they were sharing.

Caddo County officials confirmed to ABC News that four inmates have escaped from Caddo County Detention Center on Sunday. The inmates are identified as: Dylan Ray Three Irons, Prime Tounwin Brown, Anthony Mendonca, and Triston Cheadle.

"Caddo County Detention Center had four inmates escape from the detention center through the trap door above the shower and then into the pipe chase and out the pipe chase door!," police said in a statement.

Police in Lawton, Okla. and Oklahoma Highway Patrol are helping in the hunt. The inmates are currently thought to be wearing orange jumpsuits.

Irons, Brown and Mendonca were awaiting transportation to the Department of Corrections. Cheadle was sentenced, but was still awaiting jury trial on another charge.

Brown had been charged with burglary in the second degree, and Mendoca had been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, and escape after lawful arrest after he fled from police. Cheadle was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intention to distribute, and was sentenced on one charge, but waiting to go to trial on another case. Three Irons had been charged with probation violation.