'Orlando Will Be Repeated,' and 'No Place Is Safe,' Former ISIS Captive Warns Congress

“No place is safe for anyone,” the witness told a Senate panel.

— -- “No place is safe for anyone.”

“[This] terrorist attack in Orlando continues the alarming trend of attacks on soft targets here in the U.S. and abroad,” Johnson said. “ISIS’ brutality towards women, homosexuals and other groups is overt, and these communities will continue to be vulnerable until ISIS is defeated.”

“I was going to high school. I had dreams like every girl in the world. I wanted to become a teacher and build a family,” she told the Senate panel. “But our peaceful ways did not save us … The Yazidis were given a choice: convert or die.”

Another witness at the hearing warned that ISIS’ failures on the battlefield in Syria and Iraq don’t undercut its ability to radicalize people around the world.

“The terror attack in Orlando shows that the group’s territorial losses over the past year have not diminished its appeal,” said Hassan Hassan, a resident fellow with the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy in Washington.

He said U.S. efforts to counter ISIS have treated the terrorist group “as a disease and not a symptom of broader problems that helped the group rise in the first place and will ensure it will survive the territorial losses.”

Hassan called on the United States to “acknowledge publicly that there are thousands of Syrians, including refugees in this country, [who] have helped the U.S. in its fight against the Islamic State” by, for example, providing information and intelligence to U.S. authorities.